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The following are what other people are saying about our firm and the Interactive Growth Model™.

“In 2002, Paul Van Buskirk forecasted that the 2010 population of Cape Coral would hit 155,179 permanent residents.

Cape Coral city officials who had hired Van Buskirk to run the numbers for planning purposes were somewhat skeptical. After all, it had taken Cape Coral three decades to reach the 100,000 population mark.

But when the U.S. Census published population figures in 2010, Van Buskirk had scored the equivalent of a demographic bullís eye.

Cape Coralís population was 154,305 in 2010 and Van Buskirk was off by just 874 people, or 0.56%, U.S. Census figures showed.”

Gulf Coast Business Review, March 8, 2012, “Population Forecaster” by Jean Gruss

“Another major function of the CIGM [the Van Buskirk, Ryffel Interactive Growth Model prepared for Collier County] is better management of appropriations in future fiscal years.  The CIGM can be used to pace the timing and identify advantageous locations for expenditures and acquisitions of land for parks, water and sewer facilities, fire stations and so forth – giving Collier County the opportunity to use their resources for the maximum benefit of its citizens.  The CIGM will function as a management tool to assist in the update of the Annual Update and Inventory Report (AUIR) and Capital Improvement Element (CIE) of the Growth Management Plan.”

Presentation by Collier County Community Planning Manager Michael Bosi, AICP before the Collier County Board of Commissioners, September 26, 2006

“The nationwide and state recognition of the Interactive Growth Model™ is indicative of a planning product that is only offered by one planning consultant in the United States.  The product offered by Van Buskirk, Ryffel and Associates and the services they offer are both unique and proprietary.  They are justifiably the single source for providing these products and services.”

Presentation by Collier County Community Planning Manager Michael Bosi, AICP before the Collier County Board of Commissioners, September 26, 2006

“Multipurpose tool. In addition to the functions described in "Smart Tool" (July), the [Van Buskirk, Ryffel] interactive growth model prepared for Cape Coral can be used to create "what if" public investment scenarios. Such scenarios are helpful not just for the city itself but also for coordinating activities with Lee County.”

“Florida has many large, partly built-out subdivisions like Cape Coral that were developed at a time when little attention was paid to planning. Such subdivisions have contributed greatly to Lee County's growth — and to its management challenges. The development and use of this interactive growth model will help the city and county head off many problems.”

Wayne Daltry, FAICP
Director, Lee County [Florida] Smart Growth Initiative
Fort Myers, Florida
Published in Planning Magazine, October 2003

“Councilmember Tim Day, who represents the northernmost portions of the Cape [Cape Coral, Florida], said that the [Van Buskirk, Ryffel] growth model is a positive for the city.  “It’s good to be progressive and thinking ahead”, he said. With the most undeveloped land in the city within his district, Day said he was eager to see how the numbers pan out.  “I think all of us know it (growth) is going to be in the northwest”, he said.  “When we get enough rooftops we’ll need the commercial development, and we’ll need the utilities out there before we can get commercial development”.

Cape Coral Breeze, Saturday, August 17, 2002, “Growth Model Predicts Boom Decade Ahead”

“One of the unique features of the model is that it is dynamic, meaning that the entire model can easily be changed by inputting new variables. The model will initially use data supplied by the county and the results of the study will either support or contradict that data.”

Excerpt from an article in the Naples Daily News entitled, Consultants set stage for eastern study, January 5, 2007.

“Smart Growth Director Wayne Daltry hired Paul Van Buskirk and Carleton Ryffel (Van Buskirk, Ryffel and Associates, Inc.) to do a detailed study of the future population of Lehigh Acres, the sprawling unincorporated community in east Lee. Lehigh, like the county's largest city, Cape Coral, is what planners call a pre-platted community. In other words, it's an example of those Florida communities of the 1950s in which tiny pieces of sunshine paradise were marketed to faraway buyers………

Daltry said he's confident the new population projections are more accurate than those the state's produced and the county's used in the past. He said it's not the percentages that matter, but the rapidly increasing number of people who will demand government services.”

Excerpts from an article in the Naples Daily News entitled, Projections show larger than expected growth in Lee, May 10, 2004


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